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Commerce & Business Administration

Language, Literature & Performing Arts

Health Sciences

Humanities & Social Sciences

Science & Technology

Future Students' Office

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Information Sessions

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Campus Tours

Want to see what it’s like to attend Douglas College? Join us on a campus tour, led by actual Douglas students. It’s the best way to experience Douglas College for yourself and get a feel for student life.


Join us in 2020 as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. Find out about the events we’ll be hosting at both campuses and in the community, take a stroll down memory lane with our timeline and read about our amazing alumni.

Admission information

See what requirements you need to attend Douglas College.

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Tuition and Fees

Break down your tuition costs by course or credit with our helpful guide.

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Get to know how semesters work at Douglas College and see important dates that are relevant to you.

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Looking to get results out of your education? Douglas College is here to help! Here are five benefits that make Douglas the best place for both personal and professional growth.

Return on Investment

One of the most affordable post-secondary institutions in Metro Vancouver.

Pathways to University

Students successfully transfer to SFU and UBC, as well as universities across Canada.

High Interaction with Professors

Typically 35 students per class

Hands-on experience

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Convenient locations

Reach our campuses in 30 minutes or less by SkyTrain from most of Metro Vancouver.

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